Wall To Wall @ Gallery 44

07/12/2011 § Leave a comment

With so many great things going on in the city, we figured it would be a great time to start doing some reviews of openings, events, fundraisers and shows. This also presented us with the opportunity to give our new intern, Courtney Miceli, a chance to get involved in the Toronto art community. We sent her out on her first event assignment and here’s what she had to say about the opening at 401 Richmond.

The annual exhibition at Gallery 44 known to Torontonians as Wall to Wall began last week on Thursday, December 1st. This fundraising show that takes place before the Christmas holidays is a display of the photography of Gallery 44 members and friends. All of the donations and purchases go towards funding the gallery’s education programs that are focused on emphasizing the creative potential of Toronto’s youth.

The exhibition features a wide selection of framed and unframed works that vary in style and price. On average, the photos were sold anywhere between $40 and $100.

Wall to Wall is a fantastic event that is definitely worth-while to attend before its closing on December 10th. Not only does it pack a great amount of diverse artwork into one showroom, but it also gives back to the community in a tremendous way with its award-winning education programs.

Wall To Wall @ Gallery 44 Event Page


Written by: Courtney Micelli

Photographs of Event Provided by: Mac Bauer
Cover Photograph Provided by: Gallery44.org 


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