A Letter From The Editor

04/11/2011 § Leave a comment

This post serves as a little update on where we went and how we’re about to really get back into the swing of things. We took a bit of a hiatus over the summer but never lost interest in keeping this project alive. It’s been almost a year since the launch of Xeroxr and on that day (Nov 28 2010) we had over 1000 views in 24 hours and that didn’t just launch the site, it launched a lot of big things for Xeroxr. We recieved 2 grants, one from the fantastic people at FEAST/Xpace (which we wrote an article about HERE) and another from OCAD University, both to fund publication projects. We were also able to make some contacts with galleries in Toronto and start getting involved in curating shows.

A few weeks ago we went through the hundreds of photo submissions that were received over the past couple of months and posted a whole whack of new stuff to the Flickr Group.

From there, we went through and picked out a bunch of personal favourites and put them on the Xeroxr Tumblr with over 50 queued photos that will be posting 3 times a day and lots more to come.

We’re in the midst of finishing up about 3 or 4 interviews with some brand new artists that will be up in article form in the coming couple of weeks. With the return of articles will be the return of the Photos Of The Week as chosen from our Flickr group (SO PLEASE SUBMIT!).

The process of conducting the interviews for these upcoming articles has been one of the most rewarding tasks we have taken on since starting Xeroxr. From the beginning, we wanted to make this a place where professional artists, art students and wildly talented photo enthusiasts could have their work published side by side. The artists we have contacted in the past few months have not only been the most humble and kind people that we have come across, but also some of the most successful and inspiring photographers we have ever had the chance to talk to, let alone interview.

As mentioned before, we have been working on curating a show. We spent a big part of the summer trying to find a venue to host an analog photography show and after 3 different venue changes the fantastic people at the OCAD University Student Gallery (Vanessa and Caroline) offered me (Matt) a chance to curate a 3 week show in their space! So here’s a little info on it:

The show is called Dying Breed and the opening is November 17th at 6pm. The OCADU Student Gallery is at 285 Dundas St W, otherwise all info is available on the facebook event page HERE.

And finally, the last piece of big news!!! (at least for now)

We working with 15 artists on the first printed Xeroxr publication that will be out (ideally) around Xeroxr’s 1 year anniversary at the end of November. The publication includes work by mostly Toronto based artists (considering that’s where Xeroxr is based out of) and it will be printed in full colour! This publication has been funded by a very generous grant that we received in January from OCAD University and it would be nowhere without the granting committee’s support of the project.

One more thing I want to put into this letter was a general thank you. Thank you to the artists, the blog contributors, OCAD University & FEAST for funding our upcoming projects, all of the friends who have helped make this website possible and of course, a thank you to the readers. This site would be nothing without you.

So in conclusion, there will be lots more to come in the future but that’s all I’m going to say for now.

– Matt Moreland
Xeroxr Founder


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