TRH’s “Kiss It Goodbye.” Zine

26/01/2011 § Leave a comment

For fear of sounding like a broken record, you can check out a more in depth article on T. Reilly Hodgson HERE.

Kiss It Goodbye. is TRH’s most recent zine and from what I’ve seen, his most stylistically personal work yet. There is a consistency and flow throughout which hasn’t really been the case with his previous zines.

Hodgson gives us a look at what he’s been doing for the past two months with both his cell phone and film camera. From the choice to print the zine on grey paper to the gloomy mood of this 12 page laser printed zine, the work really seems to be consciously designed in every aspect.

I really like the gritty and grainy style that Reilly has developed. Some of the work included in the zine, I saw in colour when he was printing them in December. The transition from colour to black and white is great and really pulls all of the photos together well. I feel like if the photos were all printed in colour, it would lose consistency.

This zine is, in my opinion, Reilly’s best work yet. It includes a few of my personal favourite photos that he has taken, as well as some really interesting work that I hadn’t seen until now. I’m really looking forward to his next project, whatever that may be. Expect to see some of his work in one or more of our upcoming zines.

You can pick up a copy of Kiss It Goodbye. HERE.

To check out more of Reilly’s work you can see his Flickr HERE.

You can take a look at the Blood Of The Young Tumblr HERE.

And you can follow what Reilly’s up to on his personal Tumblr HERE.


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