T. Reilly Hodgson’s “Why Me?” Zine

28/11/2010 § 1 Comment

I ask all of the artists I write articles about for a photograph of them to go at the top of their article and the photo above is the one that Reilly sent me. I asked him why he chose that picture and he said this:

It’s one of my favourites. My friend April took it at the exact same time I took one. I set a couch cushion on fire. It burned for like 10-15 minutes just floating out and that beach spot is like a 5 minute walk to David Suzuki’s house. He probably wasn’t psyched.

I met Reilly, not knowing who he was, in September of this year. He mentioned he was part of a zine project and when I asked what is was called he responded with “oh, you’ve probably never heard of it. Its called Blood Of The Young” in my head I was mildly star struck because I had not only seen his work, I had read reviews and articles about it on my favourite blogs. So naturally I responded with “actually, I think I might have heard of it”. We both sat there awkwardly for a moment and then I said “you know… I thought you would have been older” and he still hasn’t let me live that down.

Reilly, can you give us a brief overview of the zine?

Why Me? is a 20 page mini zine I finished a week or two ago. It contains a bunch of black and white film photos and cell phone photos that I’ve taken over the past couple of months. A few of the photos are also taken from rolls I just found that I shot while living in Vancouver  a few years ago.

What is the theme of the zine and what made you choose to include these photos to convey that theme?

I’m not sure I had a really concrete theme in mind when I was putting this together. I try to make a new mini zine every couple of months with photos from my every day routine and sometimes out takes from other projects. I sort of think of it in the same way that bands release a bunch of EPs instead of a full length. I also don’t share any of my photos on facebook – the zines are a nicer way to show my friends what I’ve been up to.

Why me, Count Me Out, C inical Depression and Who Cares, I’m seeing a trend in the titles of your publications. What can you tell us about that?

I can tell you that I’m 23 and living at my parents’ house in the suburbs. All I’ve got are champagne problems and its getting to the point where depression just seems ironic. I guess I’ve got a self depreciating sense of humor. I’ve been told I’m not the most cheerful guy to begin with…

So with your zines being a collection of photos from your everyday life, do the titles relate more to your life rather than your photographs?

I’d say that the titles might refer more to my life than to specific images, but at the same time, all of the images are parts of my life too. I usually like to try to let the pictures I make speak for themselves, but I think the titles help to set a tone for a whole zine that might not necessarily be so obvious.

This is the first time you’ve done full spread printing in any of your zines. Was there any reason you decided to try out full spread printing or any reason you didn’t do it before?

To be honest, I haven’t done many full spreads in the past just out of laziness. It’s a lot faster to do layouts that don’t require all kinds of page counting. The last couple of zines I put out had fold-out spreads for the centerfold picture and I felt those were stronger without full spreads all the way through. This time I took the time to make spreads so that I could include a few landscape format pictures as well as the vertical ones.

Do you or Blood Of The Young have anything planned for the near future?

I’m personally just trying to get through school, but I’m also working on something for a group show coming up in Toronto.

At BOTY, we’re trying to concentrate more on print projects lately. We’ll have tables at the OCAD Book Arts Fair on Dec. 4th and the Wing Ding Zine show at Xpace Gallery on Dec. 10th. We’re also working on Issue 3 that should be out some time later in the month. Our .com went down accidentally a while ago, but we’re still bringing it hard on tumblr!

You can pick up a copy of Why Me? (sold out)

Check out more of Reilly’s work on his Flickr Here.

Don’t forget to take a look at the Blood Of The Young Tumblr Here.

And you can follow what Reilly’s up to on his personal Tumblr Here.


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