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What does Xeroxr mean?

A xeroxer is someone who uses the process of xerography.

What is xerography?

Xerography is the name of the process involved in creating multiple copies of a document. Those documents are usually then passed on to multiple parties so that a vast group of people can all view the same document.

How does this relate to photos?

Xeroxr’s goal is to show great photo work to a large group of people who would otherwise not have the time to look through art blogs, flickr accounts and artist websites.

So what’s the point?

There seems to be sites that show work by famous photographers as well as sites that show work by photographers that no one has ever heard of. The goal of this website is to bring together little known, up and coming as well as established photographers all in one place.

What’s so different about Xeroxr?

We want to let the viewer get to know a little bit about who these artists are, what they do and why they do it. Photographers come from all different walks of life and the lives they lead influence their work. Here, photo enthusiasts get to know a little bit about the artists who’s work they’re looking at.

Contact Xeroxr

To contact Xeroxr about content on this blog, submitting work or general questions, click Here or click the contact Xeroxr button on the homepage.


This blog and it’s moderators are in no way associated with the Xerox Corporation other than the odd times we use their fantastic products in order to make photocopies of things entirely unrelated to this website.


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